A Chattanooga clinic is giving the gift of life this Christmas to a local couple struggling with infertility.

Doctor Ringland Murray and his wife were given a free In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle years ago, and their son was born. That's why this holiday season they're paying it forward by giving away one free IVF cycle, which typically costs $15,000.

The lucky couple was chosen at random out of 187 pre-screened applicants, and they say the news couldn't have come at a better time. 

Scarlet and Chris Brown have been through a lot this past year. After years of fertility treatments and trying for a baby, Chris suffered a massive heart attack in late November. He's still recovering, but unable to continue any more fertility treatments. The Browns say, this free IVF cycle, was their last hope. 

"A month ago, we were in the ICU, and now we're talking about starting our family, and like, we just had given up on a lot of things and just worried about him being alive was the main concern," Scarlet Brown said. 

Life for the Browns changed forever last month when Chris suffered a kind of heart attack doctors often call the "widow maker."

"I kept thinking it was heartburn, and I had never had heartburn and then at the end of it, it was going down my arm and my wrist," Chris Brown said. "We're lucky we made it in." 

They were faced with the difficult decision to stop all fertility treatment. Scarlet had already anonymously applied for the free IVF drawing, but that was a long shot. She says they relied on their faith and each other. 

"When God reminds you that you don't have a guaranteed amount of time on this earth, its like if you want a baby then do it," Brown said. "Do whatever you got to do because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow." 

There's still no guarantee, but there is hope and with that comes renewed dreams about what may come in the future. From dirty diapers to cuddles, they can't wait. 

"I'm sure it'll be alright, a lot of people have done it so I'm sure I'll figure it out," Chris Brown said.

"No stress allowed though," Scarlet Brown said. "Or no more than normal." 

The Browns will start the IVF treatment in the new year. They say they hope their story will inspire other couples who are struggling with infertility to never give up.  

"I just hope that everybody else that entered it hangs in there, and they eventually have their family too," Scarlet Brown said. "It's the most worth it thing to fight for, so if you know that you want to be a mom, and you have that in your heart, it will happen. Whether it's IVF or fertility medicines or adoption, just never give up on that."