UPDATE: Wreaths Across America will be delivering an additional 16,000 wreaths on Friday,  December 22nd to the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Volunteers are needed to place those wreaths on gravesites.

Last weekend more than 9,600 veterans were honored by wreaths being placed on their gravesites by Wreaths Across America.

Anyone that can help is asked to arrive at the cemetery by 8:30 a.m. Friday. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Wreaths lay on the graves of thousands of our nation's heroes Saturday night. 

Volunteers gathered across the United States for the annual Wreaths Across America.

Johnny Carr didn't know the man whose grave he placed a wreath on personally, but that did not stop him from honoring the fallen hero.

"See when they served, the dates, their time on earth," Johnny Carr said. "It means a lot. What they've done is why we're all able to do what we do.

Carr is one of the hundreds of volunteers who placed more than 9,600 wreaths on gravesites throughout the cemetery.

He came simply because he wanted to pay his respects to people who fought for his freedom.

It's seeing people like Carr that the Markham family is grateful for. 

"It just represents a lot of families that are lost to people," a Markham family member said.

Families like their own with a history of military service.

"We have four kids right now in the service," another Markham family member said.

The Markham family drove up from Florida to remember three loved ones who are buried at the cemetery.

They laid wreaths on their graves and paused to reflect.

"It's more a feelings of honoring the one that you love that's not here anymore," that Markham family member continued. "It's a special, special feeling."

They came to remember the sacrifices their loved ones and countless other heroes have made.

"There are people that paid a price for that freedom, and we can't forget that," a third member of the Markham family said. "You look across [at all the wreaths], and it is just beautiful."