One Navy family will be able to spend Christmas together, after 5 months of being apart, the sailor finally returned home.

The Navy dad wanted to surprise his oldest son at his school, Waterville Community Elementary in Dalton.

There was so much excitement in the gym as the whole school celebrated with 3rd grader Evan Lais as Santa delivered an early Christmas present to his family.

The Lais family moved from California this summer, and they have made Cleveland their new permanent home.

Many of us remember what it's like being the new kid on the block, but Evan’s teacher, Regina Edds, says he's a star student. 

“He fit in very quickly,” said Regina Edds, 3rd grade teacher. “I noticed right away that he's a very honorable child he tells the truth.”

Waterville Community Elementary called an assembly and had Evan led the students in singing his favorite Christmas carol, “Jingle Bells”.

Evan also had to answer a riddle during the assembly that would introduce someone special.

“Delivers peace and joy,” said Evan Lais. “It’s Santa!”

All of the students guessed Santa but the answer was Joseph Lais, Evan's father, who made his appearance with St. Nick.

Evan wanted to stay on the nice list, so he gave Santa a hug first.

“I thought that Santa was just going to come instead my dad and Santa came,” said Evan Lais.

Evan has been working on his Christmas list and having his dad home was one of his wishes he says he also wants to help everyone.

“To get friendship all over the world because everyone deserves it,” said Evan Lais.

Amy Lais says having her husband Joseph home will be great for their two young boys because it shows them everything is okay and Christmas will be as magical as ever.

“I think it's going to take a lot of stress off of us,” said Amy Lais.  “It's definitely very straining on a marriage as well as a family unit.”

Petty Officer Joseph Lais will be leaving again the day after Christmas for his final deployment and look forward to being reunited in the summer.