Brooke Simpson is headed to the finale of NBC’s 'The Voice!'

Simpson’s former choir director said he is incredibly proud of how far she has come but isn’t surprised, and students at Lee University agree.

"I knew she was going to make it,” Simpson's former choir director Jimmy Phillips said. “I knew she was going to make it! We, of course, had our fingers crossed and believed she would."

"It’s awesome to be able to see dreams come true," Nickalis Alexander, Simpson's friend, agreed.

Simpson will compete in the finale next week. You could see the excitement from Simpson Tuesday night as she lined up with other contestants, and it was announced that she made the final four.

Simpson has an outpouring of support from students and staff at her former school, Lee University.

Her friends and former choir director said they have enjoyed watching her powerhouse performances.

"She's so relaxed on stage,” Phillips said. “She's so at home there. That really comes across to her audience."          

"I think literally everyone can feel that her heart is being put out there on everything she sings,” Alexander agreed. “She gives her all no matter what."

But Simpson isn't just supported by people who know her, she is inspiring the students that walk the halls of her former music building.

"It really does give us the courage to be able to step out, venture into our dreams and accomplish the things that we want to do," Natalie Jerman, a student at Lee University, said.

"I just think it says a lot about our school, especially the choirs and the School of Music," another student, Mateo Copado, agreed.

Her performances speak for themselves, and Brooke's friends and supporters said even if she doesn't take home first place, her journey is just beginning.

"It just gets better and better, and I honestly just can't wait to see where she goes," Alexander said.

Phillips, Alexander, and the students said they will be glued to their TVs next Monday. That’s when Brooke will face off against three other singers.

You can catch NBC's 'The Voice' on Channel 3.