Jeremy Pruitt made history during his time at Plainview High School.

He was voted offensive player of the year and defensive player of the year in the same season.

Channel 3 talked to the Rainsville, Alabama community about Pruitt’s new position.

Rainsville is a city of about 5,000 people, and the hometown of Jeremy Pruitt.

People in Rainsville say they feel a sense of pride knowing one of their own is the new UT football coach.

    “It's great; it's awesome to get that opportunity for him,” Rainsville resident Brent Black tells Channel 3. “We wish him the best.”

    “A small town guy like that has done very well and we're super proud of him,” Black adds.

    “I think it's really cool because you don't have a lot of people from around this area to make it this far and for him to be from DeKalb County is something that’s inspirational,” resident Christina Barr says.

    Jake Stone, who plays football for Fyffe High School, says this football season has been rocky on Rocky Top but hopes Coach Pruitt can turn it around.

    “I don't want them getting beat by all the other conferences,” Stone says.

    While some football fans are happy about Pruitt’s new position, they are also just as excited about what it means for the students who are currently walking the halls of Plainview High, Pruitt’s old stomping grounds.

    “It's a great inspiration for them it really is because it gives them someone to look up to besides just around the hood and everything,” Willie Glover says. “You got a coach now that's going on to do great things and it will inspire them to do great things.”

    Jeremy's father, Dale Pruitt, coached at several high schools, including his son's team at Plainview High School in Rainsville and Marion County High in Tennessee from 2004-2005.