Dunlap police are warning neighbors about a man going door to door pretending to be with the Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative.

"It is scary," Kristi Brock, a neighbor said.

Kristi Brock feels uneasy hearing about a man posing as a Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative salesman in her neighborhood. Police said he was not wearing a uniform or any credentials.

"In this day and time, if you see a stranger, you need to report it. If they don't live in this neighborhood, they don't need to be in this neighborhood," Brock said.

Police said the man has only been spotted in the Valley View subdivision. He claimed he was with the Dunlap office, which is less than a mile away.

"During the Christmas season, somebody coming door to door trying to sell something, that's not happening," Ethan Loyd of the Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative said.

Loyd said it's important to pay attention to see if someone is wearing a hat and jacket with their logo. Neighbors should also check if that person is driving a marked car.

"We're all local. Most of the people around here are going to know us," Loyd said.

Loyd tells Channel 3 customers will contact the company for service. That's when a representative will show up at a home.

Loyd says they do not randomly go to neighborhoods selling TV, internet, or phone services. He explains why it's important to get the word out about this.

"So, that they don't get scammed or robbed or harmed in any way. We need this to stop," Loyd said.

Police said if a salesman unexpectedly knocks on your door, do not let them inside your home. If you suspect anything suspicious, call the company or police.