UPDATE: Channel 3 is digging deeper into the investigation surrounding a Dade County couple accused of having more than a dozen homemade pipe bombs. 

We're now learning what the couple allegedly told officers when they were first discovered. 

The three-page report shows an officer initially thought three homemade explosives were narcotics when he first discovered them during a traffic stop in Trenton. 

Robert York, 56, and Teshina Bates, 36, were inside the green Ford Ranger Monday night when the officer noted York acting "very nervous and having a hard time making eye contact."

While searching the truck, the officer found a loaded 12 gauge shotgun behind the driver's seat and a closed white plastic bag. 

The report states inside the bag, the officer found "three square looking objects with duct tape wrapped around them." 

When he looked closer, the officer noticed what he believed to be a fuse coming out of the end.

The report goes onto to say York told an officer he "found the explosive devices and narcotics in a parking lot where he works" and that he forgot the gun and the explosive devices were still inside the vehicle. 

It also shows Bates told an officer she didn't know about the explosives inside the truck. 

It's unclear what led investigators to York's home where they found more than 10 more homemade pipe bombs. 

The pair are now in jail without bond facing 13 felonies. 

Investigators have not released what the pair planned on doing with the explosives. 

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PREVIOUS STORY: A Dade County couple is behind bars without bond after being found with more than a dozen homemade bombs. 

Robert C. York, 56, and Teshina R. Bates, 36, are each charged with 13 counts of possessing explosives. 

A chain lays at the end of the driveway of 35 Pee Wee Street in Trenton. 

The outside looks like any other home on the block, but inside, investigators made an unusual find. 

This is where they found 10 homemade pipe bombs. 

Investigators searched York's home after police pulled him over and discovered three other bombs behind the driver's seat. 

"That is our main concern is the safety of our residents. We made that a priority of ours to keep everybody safe," Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross said. 

Circle K gas station in Trenton was evacuated while investigators removed the bombs but York's neighbors were not, leaving some wondering why. 

Cross said the state's investigators didn't think an evacuation was needed. 

"I asked the GBI about that situation, they said if it was just the pipe bombs, then there wouldn't be a need to evacuate it wouldn't pose a threat to anyone close by," Cross added. 

Nearby residents like Lee Varner describe York as a typical neighbor.

"He would take his dog for a walk, I would talk to him, he would talk to your kids, every now and then he would have little kids over there and they'd be playing. My daughter actually played with kids over there before," he said. 

Now they're left to make sense of it all and trying to remember if they've ever noticed anything unusual. 

Varner's mind keeps going back to that chain at the end of the driveway. 

"For a while he had aluminum cans hanging around the strings and he had a string going around the other side of the yard," he said. 

He may never know what those cans or bombs were for. 

He's leaving that up to investigators to figure out. 

All 13 devices were detonated at a firing range by the GBI. 

It's not clear how the couple planned to use them. 

Stay with Channel 3 for updates on this story.

 PREVIOUS STORY: A total of 13 pipe bombs were found in Trenton, GA after a man and woman were pulled over for a seat belt violation at a Circle K convenience store in Trenton around 7:00pm Monday night. 

Further investigation led them the home on Peewee Street where they found 10 pipe bombs.

In the couple's truck, police found three more explosive devices. 

The couple is now in custody. The GBI is joining the investigation.

Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross tells Channel 3 that felony charges may apply; one for each of the explosive devices.

Several weapons were found in the truck as GBI investigators gathered evidence.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dade County Sheriff's Office confirms an 'explosive device' has been found at a home on Pee Wee Street in Trenton, Georgia.

Channel 3 reached out to Sheriff Ray Cross to see if the device has been dismantled and have not heard back.

He's expected to give an update soon. We will pass along that information as we get it.

Channel 3 has a crew enroute and will update this developing story.