A woman was arrested Saturday night after she struck a pedestrian who was crossing the street at the MAINx24 event.

Martha Turner, 21, was arrested for driving under the influence and failing to yield.

Turner was driving behind an SUV on Main Street. 

When the SUV turned onto Rossville Avenue, Turner said she did not see the people crossing the street. The people were using a crosswalk.

Turner claimed she slammed on her brakes, but she still hit a pedestrian. That person was taken to with minor injuries.

Police could smell something on Turner’s breath. In addition, her speech was slurred, and her balance was unsteady.

Turner told police she had not had anything to drink that evening, but she had taken prescribed medication.

Police performed a sobriety test, and Turner did not do well.  Her blood alcohol level was under the legal limit, though. 

Turner was taken into custody and taken to jail on suspicion of driving under the influence. 

The arresting officer believed that Turner was under the influence of the medication, which she admitted to taking an hour before the crash.

Results of a blood test taken at the jail are pending.

Turner is out of jail on bond.  Her court date is set for January 2, 2018.