This week's bad guy is using credit cards and card numbers that do not belong to him, but he is doing it in plain view of some pretty good security cameras.

"What we're noticing is, he's used the same card and multiple other cards at multiple Walmarts throughout the month of October," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller explained.  "But, we know he's going to continue doing the same thing."

The fact that Walmart is his favorite store may help you help us. The images we have from their cameras are pretty great.

"You'll see multiple different pictures," Sgt. Miller said. "He's wearing the same thing, but they're over several different days. So, it looks like he likes this yellow shirt."

This guy's purchases indicate he is probably not stealing to fend off starvation. "What he's doing is going in and he's purchasing items that he can easily re-sell to someone or either he can return for cash," Sgt. Miller said. 

Is he skimming the numbers? Maybe he is taking cards from mailboxes or running an online scam of some sort.

Sgt. Miller continued, "One of the questions that we have is, how is he getting the credit card numbers? Is he duplicating those? Is he stealing credit cards? So, that may be one of the things you know is how is he getting this information. Provide that to Crime Stoppers, as well."

If you know this guy, you have already recognized him. He is a black male about 5'8", 140 pounds.

"He's wearing a yellow shirt with black shorts and if you take a look at his shoes, those are gonna stand out to you," Miller added. "They're brown Crocs sandals, and also he's wearing a beanie or some type of a skullcap or something."

We have a look at what he drives. It appears to be a Nissan Altima.

"If you're a friend or family member, you know who it is," Sgt. Miller said. "Maybe he's told you how he's doing this or maybe you've seen him and you know how he's doing this. Call in, provide that information to Crime Stoppers and you can get some cash for your holidays."

Can you help stop this crook with some information, a location, or maybe a name? We will never ask for yours. Call Crime Stoppers tonight: 698-3333. 

That line is manned 24-7 and we have up to $1,000 on the table for your good tip.