UPDATE: A text message is what caused the Grundy County School System to go on lock down earlier this week. Police charged school board member Kasey Anderson with making a false report to police. We now know more about who those messages were sent to and what was said.

Kasey Anderson told police she wasn't sending her son to school because she had concerns about a gun being on campus. Channel 3 learned that fear came from what Anderson described as a nightmare.

A text to her son's grandparents, is what prompted a county-wide school lockdown.

School board member Kasey Anderson told police the text message was about a nightmare she had after talking about recent school shootings with family. She added that her husband's missing handgun fueled her fear.

She said while sleeping she sent a text to her son's grandfather, saying she planned to keep her son home from school, fearing a gun might be on campus.

The grandfather then alerted the principal, who contacted another principal before reaching out to director of schools Jessie Kinsey. Kinsey prompted a soft lockdown.

After her arrest for false reports, Anderson took to Facebook writing, "I did not call and report anything about a kid and a gun to anyone." She said she called a family member to clear up her text, a text that according to police reports, Anderson says she sent when she quote “wasn't sure she was totally awake.”

This is the second arrest for Anderson in recent years. In June 2016 she arrested for, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. She is expected in court on December 5th.

Channel 3 reached out to the director of schools about Anderson’s status as a school board member. We're told as of this afternoon, she is still a member of the board.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: An arrest report obtained by Channel 3 explains some of the circumstances surrounding the "soft" lockdown at the Grundy County school system November 28.

Amanda 'Kasey' Anderson told Grundy County deputies that she woke from a nightmare and sent a text message about a gun at a Grundy County school, which prompted the precautionary lockdown.

Anderson told deputies that she "wasn't sure she was totally awake" but admitted she sent a text message about a gun being at the school.

She had been talking about recent school shootings with family members beforehand.

The Grundy County Director of Schools, Jessie Kinsey put the entire school system on what was called a "soft" lockdown.

Grundy County deputies searched all of the system's schools and did not find a weapon.

The lockdown was then lifted. The school's returned to regular schedule. 

Anderson has been charged with making a false report.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Grundy County school board workshop session scheduled for Tuesday evening has been canceled.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Grundy County school board member was arrested Monday for prompting a lockdown of the entire school system.

Sheriff Clint Shrum says school board member Amanda 'Kasey' Anderson was arrested over a text message that led to a soft lockdown Monday morning.

The details of the text message have not been released.

Anderson is charged with false reports as a result of the incident.

Anderson was arrested on the same charge in addition to many others in June of this year.

Anderson posted this response on her Facebook page: