Today is the last travel day of the busy travel weekend and Triple-A predicted nearly 45.5 million travelers to be on the roads.

It's no secret that taking a road-trip over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is sure to mean one thing, traffic.

Channel 3 caught up with a few drivers at the I-24 Welcome Center who hit the road early Sunday morning.

I'm heading to Ashburn, VA," said Neal Cabil, “It'll wind up being right round 800 miles."

"I'm headed back home to Pennsylvania from visiting family in Alabama. So, it's a long trip," another traveler, Debra Robison, said, "I have about 12 hours."

For Robison, driving was the only the option. 

"I have a dog with me, so I just couldn't leave him at home," Robison explained, "Flying just wasn't an option."

For one family the drive isn't too bad, their biggest concern is getting through one major city.

“Just kind of wonder how things are around Atlanta,” Elaine Schubert explained.

Another big concern for every driver we spoke with was safety. Sitting in front of the welcome center was a reminder from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. It urged drivers to buckle up and not drink and drive.

But travelers had a few other reminders for everyone on the road as well.

"Slow down,” said Schubert, “Be very alert."

"Just give yourself space, pay attention, and be careful," echoed Robison.

"Take your time. Wherever you're going will be there when you get there," urged Cabil.

Triple-A states nearly 51 million Americans were expected to be traveling over the weekend. That’s the most travelers in 12 years, according to the company.

While the majority of travelers are driving, air travel has the biggest increase. It went up five percent.