It's an attitude of gratitude: Howard High school athletes and coaches spent Wednesday afternoon giving back to their neighborhood with what they call "Tiger-Givings."

Students showed up at 10:00 a.m. to set up tables and chairs before opening their doors to the community where members were welcomed with a free Thanksgiving dinner.

Janazya Reed, a junior at Howard High, said, "Not a lot of schools do this, so it gives me hope to see that our school is doing something different to help other people."

Howard High senior Torry McCromb, along with Janazya, said the community has done so much for them, they set aside their time to give back.

McCromb added, "Just to do this, really makes me happy, and makes me feel better about a lot of things."

Head football coach John Starr said once people found out about the Thanksgiving dinner, more and more people pitched in.

"My mom found out what was going on, and she got excited, and she cooked some stuff, and my sister cooked and you know it just kind of spread like that," added Starr.

Coach Starr said over the years they've had donation after donation to the football facility for brand new shoulder pads and helmets. This is one of the reasons they wanted to give back and "Tiger-Givings" was the perfect time.

Starr said the number one thing they want is the players to grow. They've spent time on them becoming better athletes, and now it's time they focus on them becoming better people.

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