Shopping on Amazon is like playing the stock market. Prices fluctuate daily; one minute that coffee maker costs $60 and the next minute or day it goes up or down by $20. How do you hit the "Buy Now" button at exactly the right time?

If you've been going on luck alone there's good news: a website gives hints on when a product usually goes on sale. is an easy to remember (but kind of frustrating to type) website that tracks the millions of products on Amazon. In fact, it's been tracking those prices for years and the historic price charts can give you some idea of when a price is about to change.

You simply enter the product name or URL listing in a search bar at CamelCamelCamel. It will then show you a chart of prices changes over the past several months or even years. In another area of the search results you can see the dates of the last 5 price changes and the dates of the highest and lowest price and the average cost. I've used it for years and it really does make a difference.

I searched today for a Krups Fryer. The price right now is around $68.50 but I can see on the website that the price has changed 5 times in the last month, going up to over $70 and dropping to under $59. I also see that the same fryer cost $99.99 last Christmas and $80 last Cyber Monday. I get a sense that the longer I wait the higher the price I'll have to pay.

If I have a little time to decide I can enter my desired price along with my email address and/or Twitter handle. Should it drop to my desired price CamelCamelCamel will notify me.

The site's search only works on products sold at Amazon which includes prices from 3rd party sellers. If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon it's worth checking out the website because you really can save a lot of money if you do some homework.