It was overwhelming to see so many people come out to honor the Woodmore children.

For many of them this was their first time back on Talley Road since the crash.

The Brainerd High School boys’ basketball team was out of town on this day last year.

It's why they say being at the vigil was important for them.

Candlelight illuminated Talley Road, as hundreds gathered together one year after the deadly Woodmore bus crash.

Tears fell as song lyrics echoed from the speakers. But, red t-shirts worn by Brainerd’s boys’ basketball team reminded the crowd that they're not alone.

“They signify what we are about: being one family, one spirit, one together,” Brainerd basketball head coach Levar Brown says.

Head coach Levar brown says the team was on its way to a tournament in Memphis when they first heard about the bus crash. He says being away from home was hard. It's why the team chose to pass on this year's tournament.

“We wanted to be home,” Brown says. “We wanted to celebrate with the families here the lives of the young kids.”

Senior Joseph Norwood says practice before the vigil was difficult.

“I just had to basically just get through practice today and get my mind set on all the people out there that are grieving right now and I'm away from it,” Norwood says.

It's why Norwood says showing support was necessary.

“Some teammates on this team have family members that were involved in the crash,” Norwood says. “So, we had to show some support, because they're a part of our family.”

“We all feel the pain of these families,” Norwood adds.

Balloons dedicated to the six children killed were released.

The Brainerd basketball team and the community will keep those six names close to their hearts.

“It just feels like a time that we all could just come together and just be thankful for being here for another day, because any time of day could be us,” Norwood says.

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The team and all of the Woodmore community will hold their families closer this Thanksgiving.