For those who live on Talley Road, remembering the crash is painful.

Neighbors have come together to cope with the trauma that comes with seeing the crash site daily.

Neighbors living along Talley Road recall what happened here one year ago.

They heard the crash, called 911, and ran outside to console injured children. They tell Channel 3, they did the best they could to help first-responders on scene. 

Felicia Adams lives on Talley Road.

One year later, she says she still has trouble driving home or working outside in her front yard. When she looks across the street, Adams says she still sees the crash site and the makeshift memorial.

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Many of the people who live in this area say they received therapy after the crash, but their hearts are still broken for families involved. 

"It just seems like it just happened not too long ago to me, because I have to pass where everything happened and everything everyday," Adams says.

Adams says she often prays and thinks about the children lost, and she wants their families to know they will  not be forgotten.