Two Atlanta men are wanted by Dalton police for a “quick change” scam that victimized local stores after the suspects tricked a cashier into giving an incorrect amount of change from a purchase.

According to Dalton police, Howard Terez Fuller, 27, Annise Timte Smith, 29, tried the scam multiple times while in Dalton and they are suspected of using the same scam at other stores over a three day period along the I-75 corridor between Atlanta and Illinois. 

Investigators are checking for other businesses that may have been victimized.

In Dalton, the incidents took place on October 9th at the Walnut Avenue Chick-fil-A and the Dollar General store on Cleveland Highway.

The two suspects also attempted the same scam at the Dollar General store on West Walnut Avenue, but they were thwarted by the cashier.

  • The reported scam worked like this:
  • Suspect Fuller would act as a look-out while the second suspect, Smith, would attempt a small purchase with a $100 bill
  • Smith would then engage the clerk in conversation either about applying for a job or flirting
  • As the clerk began counting out the change, Smith requested the $100 bill back saying he had exact change

Police say in the case of the Cleveland Highway Dollar store, the confused clerk was tricked into giving back the original bill and also the store’s money in the form of change. Smith and Fuller would then leave with their own money, the store’s money, and the merchandise.

Dalton investigators saw a bulletin posted on a national crime intelligence service from police in Illinois, alerting law enforcement that two men from the Atlanta area had been arrested there October 11th after performing the same scam at five Dollar General stores in the state. 

DPD investigators canvassed Dollar General stores and other locations throughout the city and county and discovered that Fuller and Smith had visited eight Dollar General stores and two CVS pharmacies. They attempted the scam at five of the stores and were successful at the 2417 Airport Road Dollar General, the 2524 Cleveland Highway Dollar General, and the CVS at 2791 Cleveland Highway. In each case, they left with a small amount of merchandise, approximately $95 in the store’s money, and their original $100 bill. The pair traveled in a white 2012 Nissan Sentra.
Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Howard Fuller for fourteen counts of criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor, eighteen counts of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, and four counts of being party to a crime. 

The department also has warrants for Annise Smith’s arrest for two counts of theft by deception, two counts of theft by shoplifting, fourteen counts of criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor, and eighteen counts of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office also has warrants for the pair for the scam at a CVS pharmacy in the county. Both men bonded out in Illinois, and Fuller was later arrested in Rockdale County and is awaiting being brought to Whitfield County.
Dalton investigators are asking anyone who believes they may have been victims of the same scam, particularly at Dollar General and CVS stores, to contact Detective Brian Shirley at 706-278-9085, extension 9189.