UPDATE: Brooke Simpson is in the final four on NBC's The Voice!

The Lee University graduate is the only member of Team Miley remaining in the competition and one of four who will compete in The Voice Finale.

Simpson performed a live duet with Davon Fleming on Monday night and sang "Faithfully" by Journey before viewers voted to determine her future in the competition.

Will Brooke be the next Lee University grad to win The Voice?

The finals begin Monday night at 8:00, right here on Channel 3.

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And if you missed Brooke's duet with Team Jennifer's Davon Fleming, here is a portion of it:

PREVIOUS STORY: Monday night, the top 10 finalists on NBC's The Voice will take the stage for live performances.

Lee University graduate Brooke Simpson is in the top 10, representing Team Miley (Cyrus).

Will Brooke make it to the next round of the competition?

Find out Tuesday night at 8, right here on Channel 3.

You can vote for the Top 8 performers after Monday night's show ends.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Another graduate of Lee University has made it to the Top 10 on NBC's The Voice.

Brooke Simpson performed live Monday night, leaving her future in the competition in the hands of viewers. 

Simpson is a member of Team Miley and one of three members who remain in the competition.

Will Brooke make it to the finals? Tune in to The Voice at 8:00 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, right here on Channel 3.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Monday was the first night of the live shows on NBC's singing competition, 'The Voice'.

Twelve artists are still in contention for the show's crown including former Lee University student, Brooke Simpson. Simpson was the first contestant to perform. She sang Kesha's "Praying," while her alma mater cheered her on from the Paul Conn Student Union on campus. 

But Simpson's journey with 'The Voice' started four years ago. She auditioned in Atlanta while she was still a student at Lee University. However, she did not get past the call-backs that round. Brooke says she was a little disappointed, but it doesn't compare to the more recent personal battles she has faced.

"Last year was just a hard year. My grandfather passed away and there were just a lot more unexpected hardships," said Simpson. 

During a Skype interview with Channel 3, Simpson admitted she questioned her gift before joining 'The Voice' this season. 

"I started thinking okay maybe it's time to come up with a plan B because nothings happening with plan A, which is music. Maybe what I've loved forever isn't what I was created for. Maybe what I thought this whole time isn't it," said Simpson. 

Brooke had no problems booking gigs, but she says breaking into the music industry seemed impossible. It's a dream she has had since she was two-years-old. 

"It just felt like every door was shutting in my face. Every opportunity wouldn't work out," said Simpson. 

But Simpson says that changed when her husband convinced her to give 'The Voice' one more try. 

"He said listen 'The Voice' is having auditions. I want you to go try again. We can go to LA. We'll stay with my brother. We'll do whatever we have to do; just try." 

That decision that landed her a spot on season 13, performing on national television for team Miley. 

Simpson says the experience has helped shape her into the pop/soul artist she always envisioned, but more importantly it's given her a platform to empower women.

"Even if ...Tuesday Carson says that you're going home I just feel so blessed and honestly I'm so inspired I'll never live the same after this." 

Voting online ends Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST. Click, here to cast your vote.