UPDATEAfter getting a call from the principal, Polk County Superintendent Dr. James Jones ordered the students to get out and as far away as possible.

It's scary. Just a scary situation. Probably every superintendent's nightmare, said Dr. Jones.

The device was found inside the boy's bathroom at Polk County High School, prompting an immediate evacuation to the football field. It was scary enough for me to be very comfortable with the decisions we were making.

The sheriff's office and a bomb squad from Chattanooga and Cleveland swept the school before giving the all clear. Class was canceled for the day and the school remained opened until students were picked up. It was a fake attempt of a bomb. There was nothing on the inside just a box. Looks like just an attempt to scare people.

It is still unclear who left the suspicious device in the bathroom. But Dr. Jones plans to find out. We have a pretty extensive camera system on the inside. So we will be looking at a lot of film and trying to come to a conclusion.

The superintendent plans to be in contact with the school's attorney and sheriff's office to press charges. It is still too early to tell what those charges will be.

UPDATE: A suspicious device was found in a boys restroom at Polk County High School, according to Polk County School Superintendent Dr. James Jones.

Jones tells Channel 3 that the package was described as a box with electrical tape and wire.

Chattanooga Police Departments' bomb squad is at the school.

Students were evacuated to the school's football field. Students can be picked up early with permission from parents or guardians.

School has been canceled for the day, and parents are being notified by the school.
The school says it may not be an explosive device, but they are taking safety precautions.