A Chattanooga man has been laid to rest after a mix-up at a funeral home.

Family and friends gathered for a visitation for 66-year-old Benjamin Brown, Jr. at John P. Franklin Funeral Home only to find out it wasn't him.

The owner of the funeral home calls it a mistake.

Family members Channel 3 spoke with on Thursday said the day was supposed to be about their loved one. Instead, they said it was overshadowed by what happened at the funeral home Wednesday.

"Right now, this funeral home has lost all of the trust from our family. All of it," Dominique Brown, the nephew of Benjamin Brown, Jr. said.

Brown is struggling to forgive.

He's traumatized after seeing someone else in his uncle's casket during a visitation on Wednesday. That feeling did not fade after Thursday's funeral service.

"You want to shake my hand and ask me how I'm doing today. How can I shake your hand knowing that you just mixed up two different bodies?," Brown said.

Brown wants to know how that could happen.

The funeral home issued a statement shortly after the mix-up expressing remorse and saying it was looking into the matter. 

On Thursday, the owner spoke with Channel 3 briefly outside. 

"We're prayerfully sorry. Somebody misunderstood and made a wrong move," John P. Franklin, Sr., the owner of John P. Franklin Funeral Home said.

Brown said its not enough. He hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Brown plans on filing a complaint with the state. 

In the meantime, he wants the focus to be on his grief and working through it. 

"We're trying to stay strong to forgive them because it says in the Bible to forgive them than to forget it," Brown said.

If you've had an issue with a funeral home, you can file a report with the Board of Funeral Directors, Embalmers & Burial Services by calling 615-741-5062 or clicking here to send an email.

Here is the entire statement sent by John P. Franklin Funeral Home on Wednesday night: