A picture circulating on social media is bringing awareness to Chattanooga's homeless population as temperatures dip cooler and cooler. 

It's of hundreds of scarves on the fence outside the Salvation Army in Chattanooga. 

The vibrant colors wrapped around the iron fence each with a note, handmade and free for anyone.

"I got one for me and I got Christmas gifts for family and I tried to make sure everyone came over and looked at it because I'm sure a lot of love went into those scarves and I'm very thankful that they did that," one woman said. 

About 60 women with two groups called Scarves for Charity Chattanooga and Next Door Chattanooga spent the last year making all 400 scarves by hand. 

The project is all about paying it forward. 

"I used to crochet and I know each scarf takes quite a while to make even if you're really good at it and really fast," the woman added. 

Each scarf is made differently through yard, style and the way it's woven. 

They're made with durable yarn that will help those who wear them stay warm. 

A gesture-- those outside the Salvation Army say-- couldn't have come as a better time. 

"I sleep with it every night. It's really warm and thank you for taking the time out of your day to love somebody else unconditionally," she added. 

Wrapping unconditional love around those who need it most this winter season.