UPDATE: Trammel Eric Poindexter, 27, is charged with Attempted First Degree and other charges in connection with a shooting Sunday afternoon. 

Chattanooga Police report that the victims in the shooting say Poindexter pulled alongside them in his vehicle and tried to start an argument. 

The male victim noticed three small children in the back of Poindexter's vehicle and drove away, but Poindexter followed them.

The victims tried to get away from Poindexter but he kept after them.  That's when they heard gunshots come from Poindexter's vehicle.

One of the shots hit the trunk of the victims's vehicle, another went through a toddler seat, there was NO child in the seat, and a third bullet hit the female passenger in the front seat. Due to the way the female was sitting in the seat, she was hit in the back but only received minor injuries. 

The male victim told police Poindexter threatened to kill him the day before. 

Poindexter was arrested Tuesday. 

He's scheduled for court November 21, 2017.