City and county leaders want to give a developer tax incentives to make Chattanooga's riverfront easier to access and apartments closer to downtown. 

They believe the $50 million project is a win-win. 

Downtown Chattanooga is growing, especially the west side along Riverfront Parkway. 

It's where the expansion of Chattanooga's riverfront and development of Cameron Harbor are breathing life into an area once taken over by the factory industry. 

Aaron White sees the area's beauty. 

"It allows our development to lay out in a way that works well with our public access and lays a foundation and a framework for future development," White said. 

White, with Evergreen Real Estate, wants leaders to share his vision by agreeing to $4 million tax increment financing to extend Martin Luther King Boulevard to the Riverfront. 

White said the project would help the area as a whole. 

"It's not just improvements for MLK, it's improvements for Fulton Street which is currently an unimproved city road. The intersection with crosswalks," he added. 

Renderings show White's vision. 

Mayor Andy Berke said the extension will make getting to and from the Riverwalk and waterfront easier. 

"All of the funding for the city and the county are going toward physical improvements to something that is our responsibility. So streets and sidewalks are our responsibility," Berke said. 

The plan also includes 180 apartments with 20-percent to be set aside for affordable units. 

But before the proposal can move forward, it needs approval from city council. 

The vote is slated for next week. 

Channel 3 will let you know what happens.