Apple released its long awaited iPhone X on Friday one week after customers could pre-order one online. Some stores reported lines of 50-100 people waiting for several hours for the chance to buy one. As with most iPhone launches standing in line on release day does not guarantee you'll get a device as many stores sell out of the limited number of phones they receive from Apple.

Mark Woods waited outside a Verizon store for a little less than 3 hours Friday. He hadn't pre-ordered a device and just decided he'd give it a shot. "Shoot I'm second in line," he said laughing. "I feel pretty confident."

He was fortunate he came to this Verizon store because it appeared it had enough to go around. The store opened at 8 am and by 10 the store still had about 8 on hand. A rarity for a launch of an iPhone with such a drastic redesign as with the iPhone X.

The new iPhone is all screen. There is no bezel around the glass. It also doesn't have a home button. It does have wireless charging and a hefty pricetag, $999 for the 64gb model. A 256 gb iPhone X will set you back $1,150.

"The day of the pre-order I overslept," said Bobby Garrett who arrived at the store after the doors opened. "I got lucky. I prayed a million times before I came in and I happened to get one," he said.

The iPhone X dampened the excitement for Apple's other new iPhone, the iPhone 8. When those devices went on sale last month there was no one waiting outside before the doors opened and anyone who wanted one could buy one and take it home.

Apple did not release sales figures or pre-order numbers for the iPhone X but announced on Friday morning that shipping times have been shortened. When customers first ordered the phone and if you order it now, you'll have to wait 3-4 weeks rather than the estimated 5-6 weeks after pre-sales were finished.