The Tennessee Department of Treasury is searching for the owners of an abandoned safe deposit box. It's what bank officials found inside the box that launched the search for the North Georgia couple.    

The box contained a Purple Heart and a picture that state officials hope to return to their rightful owner. 

The Purple Heart was originally placed in a safe deposit box in Ringgold in 2008. The deposit box was abandoned and sent to First Volunteer Bank in downtown Chattanooga. It's now considered unclaimed property. 

Shelli King, Communications Director with Department of Treasury, says the box that housed the two items belonged to Sandra and Charles Parris of Ringgold.

The box was opened in September of 2008 at a Ringgold bank before it was ruled abandoned and transferred to First Volunteer bank in Chattanooga. It was stored there until 2013 when the medal and picture were reported to the state department of treasury as unclaimed property. 

"In Tennessee, unclaimed property is almost always missing money with one key exception. If a bank has an abandoned safe deposit box that they open up and find a military decoration, they turn that actual medal to the state of Tennessee for safe keeping and our unclaimed property department works to try to get those medals back in the hands of the loved ones they belong to," said King. 

King says the state has searched for the Parris'. The state sent letters, tried to contact the couple through work, took out advertisements in the local newspaper, and tried to make contact through the state's website and social media. 

Channel 3 also tried to locate the couple by door knocking in Ringgold but came up empty-handed. 

The state hopes someone watching will be the link that allows them to return the medal; a piece of military history left behind. 

The state allows you to claim property online. To do so, click here. If you know how to reach the owners of the medal you can contact the state's public information officers by clicking here