An 11-year-old legally blind boy could soon be joining a local school football team in the near future.

Mark Stachowicz is getting some help from two UTC long snappers who are teaching him all about the game.

The Stachowicz family moved here from Florida so their sons could have a chance to get the Bi optic lens which will help them see better.

Mark Stachowicz and his brother ocular albinism a genetic disorder that causes them to be legally blind.

Mark is in the sixth grade and hopes to try out for football at Ooltewah middle school next year.

“As far as sports go anything like a ball coming at him or people coming from a distance he won’t be able because his eyes don't track quick enough,” said Jennifer Stachowicz. “So he hasn’t been able to participate in team sports like most kids do.”

“When I went to Nashville where my cousin plays football he was talking about it. I got really excited because I wanted to play too,” said Mark Stachowicz. “So, we started looking and the only position I could really play well was a long snapper.”

After the trip to Nashville they started researching different positions.

They found Jake Olson who is a blind long snapper for the University of Southern California.

“I was freaked out by it because he wanted to play like his cousin and it concerned us because any kind of head injury could make the vision worse,” said Jennifer Stachowicz.

Every week mark meets with UTC long snapper Emory Norred and Jared Nash to learn the position.

“I was pretty interested,” said Emory Norred. "I like teaching kids."

Mark encourages those who has a disease like this one to find the sport they love and give it a shot.

Emory Norred says he started playing football at marks age and is excited to this young man’s possibilities.