Highs in the 70s are expected this weekend after we had a hard freeze across the Tennessee Valley on Monday. Big swings in temperatures can certainly affect your bill, but what you pay is also affected by current TVA rates.

"TVA is the generator of electricity for over nine million people in the Southeast, and EPB is one of the 155 distributors that brings that to your home," says EPB spokesperson John Pless.

Rates are a little lower than a year ago, but personal habits are also important.

"Some people might like a home to be a little warmer, some people might like it to b e a little bit cooler," adds Pless.

When finding the "Goldie Locks" comfort zone that's just right for you, don't adjust the thermostat more than two degrees at a time. If you do, you'll be wasting money.

"It will trigger the heat pump to go into either auxiliary or emergency mode which will obviously reduce the value of that electricity," explains Pless. "You're going to be using more electricity to do that."

Here are other ways to save energy:

• Check for air leaks around your doors and windows and seal them with weather stripping.

• Keep blinds open during the day and closed at night.

• Replace dirty air filters.

You can also use the free My EPB app to keep track of your energy usage down to the hour. Taking just a few steps can save you five to 10 percent on your bill each month.

Cindy Downing lives on the North Shore and follows a simple rule to save on her bill.

"When I leave my apartment I usually turn the thermostat up so it doesn't keep cycling through when I'm gone," says Downing.

She also disconnects whenever possible.

"I try to turn all the electronics off and sometimes I even unplug them from the wall if I'm going to be gone," adds Downing.

Additional energy saving tips:

• Use an automated thermostat. Some can even connect to an app.

• Use energy-saving light bulbs and LED lighting instead traditional incandescent bulbs which generate a lot more heat.

• If you're an EPB customer, have one of the company's energy experts perform an audit of your home. It's free!

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