The holiday season is a boon for retailers and to handle the increased load of customers, major retailers hire hundreds of seasonal workers between now and early January.

The company "24/7 Wall Street" reviewed 13 companies that are hiring seasonal employees this holiday season.

Each company on the list is adding thousands of seasonal workers to its payroll, in some cases, the number of seasonal workers greatly outnumbers a retailer's average year-round employee headcount

Out of the 13 companies, eight of them have a location in the Tennessee Valley.

Retailer Seasonal hires (nationwide) Employees (nationwide)
Amazon  120,000 341,000
Target 104,500 323,000
UPS 95,000 343,000
FEDEX 50,000 400,000
JC Penney 40,000 106,000
Michaels 15,000 50,000
Toys R Us 12,000 36,000
Dick's Sporting Goods 7,000 37,600