UPDATE: A South Pittsburg police officer is accused of sexually assaulting a woman, while on duty. 

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says the woman reported the assault at a local hospital, Friday night. 

Marion County Sheriff Ronnie Bo Burnett wouldn't release the name of the accused officer, Officials would only say he's been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of their investigation. 

"We received a call about 7 o'clock Friday night, there was a lady at the hospital here in Jasper, wanting to file a complaint that she had been assaulted by a South Pittsburg police officer," said Sheriff Ronnie Bo Burnett. 

The sexual assault complaint comes of the heels of a police brutality investigation, involving a South Pittsburg officer, already underway by the TBI.  

That officer was placed on leave last month after surveillance video appeared to show him kicking a handcuffed suspect in the face. The Police Department's Chief was immediately demoted, now a second officer is on leave, accused of sexual assault. 

Acting Police Chief, Brenda Roth tells us the department which usually staffs 8 full time and 4 part time officers, is now hurting with two on leave and another officer recently quitting.  

"Well yeah I mean we are already short. We currently have 5 plus 3 part time," said Interim Chief, Brenda Roth. 

Officials say the accused officer has worked for the department as a reserve officer for about 3 years now with no prior complaints. Acting Chief Brenda Roth tells Channel 3, he's only only worked part time the last 4 months. 

"I mean just bare with us, I mean just because one officer doesn't mean, I mean he's actually accused of something," said Interim Chief Roth. " I mean let the investigation take its course and you know let them figure it out and go from there." 

Sheriff Burnett says this case will be treated no different than any other. 

"Anytime like anything like this happens you know the community loses trust and I don't want that," said Sheriff Burnett. "There's bad employees in every type of work and if one has done something, even a police officer has done something wrong, then he will face the same thing as anybody else." 

The TBI is assisting the Sheriff's office with their investigation and no charges have been filed at this time. 

Channel 3 tried to speak with the Mayor of South Pittsburg today, but were told he was in an all day meeting. We're still waiting on a call back. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett tells Channel 3 that his detectives were called to a local hospital Friday for a sexual assault complaint against a South Pittsburg police officer.

Deputies then notified the District Attorney General and TBI. Burnett referred all other questions to the TBI.

The investigation is underway.