A new polls shows that the Twitter squabble between President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Bob Corker may have come at some cost of popularity.

The poll, conducted by Middle Tennessee State University, shows that disapproval of Corker has risen to 41% among Tennessee voters, a 14-point climb since last spring following his public feud with Trump.

But disapproval of Trump went up as well, from 32 to 40% during the same period. 

Trump’s approval held steady at 50 percent, well above the national approval rate of about 37 percent. 

Corker’s approval dropped from 52% in the spring to 45% now, putting his approval rate below Trump’s but in the same range, given the poll’s 4-percentage-point error margin.

“Essentially, Corker’s negatives have increased markedly, but he has ended up only a bit behind Trump in terms of approval, and possibly on par with him,” said Dr. Ken Blake, director of the poll at Middle Tennessee State University. “Meanwhile, some undecideds have switched to disapproval of President Trump, but Trump’s base is sticking with him and keeping his approval rate relatively high in the state overall.”

Job approval ratings for Corker and Trump were combined to get a sense of whom Tennessee voters would favor if the two were to run against each other. 

The Tennessee voters who expressed an opinion about both men, 35% approve of Trump and disapprove of Corker. A statistically similar 32% approve of Corker and disapprove of Trump. Twenty-one percent approve of both Corker and Trump, and 13% disapprove of both.

Other political leaders - As for approval of other key political players, the poll also found that:

  • 56% approve of Gov. Bill Haslam, compared to 57 percent in the spring
  • 48% approve of the Tennessee Legislature, compared to 50 percent in the spring
  • 45% approve of Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, unchanged from the spring
  • 13% approve of the U.S. Congress, compared to 21 percent in the spring