Two Chattanooga Fire Department fire trucks have been hit by motorists over the past five days.

A post on the CFD Facebook page says that the first crash came Sunday, October 22 on Discovery Drive when a car ran into the back of Squad 7.

The second crash happened Thursday, October 26 when another car ran into the back of Engine 15 on North Germantown Road.

In both cases, the fire trucks were stationary, and had their emergency lights on, but the motorists still hit them. 

CFD reminds drivers to focus on driving, put down the phone, the food and the makeup, and focus on driving your vehicle safely. 

The photo shown is from the collision with Squad 7 on Discovery Drive. 

CFD says they can't comment on exactly what happened in either crash, but the Chattanooga Police Department is the investigating agency. 

Since both fire trucks were not moving and had their emergency lights on, investigators have their theories.