About a month ago, I started getting emails and phone calls of people wanting to know what the winter forecast will be like.

First of all, we'll talk about what happened last year -- which is very little. Up in the higher elevations, like Van Buren County, there was some very light snow.

At the airport in Chattanooga, we saw less than an inch of snow. The year before that was a similar story. One of the things we look at is the climate forecast model from the National Weather Service. This has been pretty accurate throughout the Summer and Fall months, so I'm going to stick with this right now. The model is predicting warmer than normal temperatures for December, January and February. If you're looking for snow, this is not the kind of forecast you want to see.

The National Weather Service has put out its winter temperatures. It's showing warmer than normal for most of the country. I think about 1-2 degrees above normal temperatures on average across the Tennessee Valley and much of the Southeast. As far as snowfall goes, we're looking at below normal once again.


  • Bit above normal temps
  • Little snow, more ice
  • Near normal precipitation