UPDATE: Six students are  out of the hospital one day after a Dade County school bus crashed into a ditch near New Home and Brow Roads.

Bus 00-6 was carrying 47 students from Davis Elementary.

Dade County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris said two students were acting out on the bus and the  driver told them to stop. 

He pulled over on the side of the road and parked bus. As the driver went to address the situation, Dr. Harris said the bus started to roll and that’s when it crashed into a ditch.

"He turned around and came back running up to the front of the bus. At that point, the bus went into the ditch," Dr. Harris said.

All of the students and the driver made it out safely.

Six were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Others had bumps and bruises.

The superintendent was there with other school officials comforting the students and alerting parents.

They waited until the last student was released from the hospital before heading home. Two are on crutches.

"We wanted to be there. That's our family. Our school family. It was very important for us to be there and encourage our students and comfort them," Dr. Harris said.

Harris wants to know how the vehicle started rolling, even though it was parked.

She said the bus driver followed all procedures and maintenance records were up to date. The first year driver for the school system had never been involved in a crash either.

The bus has been towed away and it'll now be up to state officials to inspect it next week. They'll find out if a mechanical issue is to blame.

For now, the bus is out of service.

"That's the most important thing is making sure all of our equipment as it should be," Dr. Harris said.

Dr. Harris said some school buses have bus monitors, but this one did not. She believes there needs to be more bus monitors.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dade County Sheriff's Office is investigating a school bus crash on Sand Mountain Thursday evening.

It happened at the intersection of New Home and Brow Roads.

Sheriff's office spokesperson Chad Payne says 47 students from Davis Elementary,  and the driver, were aboard the bus when it ran into a ditch.

Payne says six students were taken to a hospital with minor injuries and some of the other students received bumps and bruises.

It's unknown what caused the bus to leave the road.

The crash is under investigation.

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