Two stolen vehicle investigations end with two arrests in Dade County, Georgia.

Deputies said the first happened on Saturday when a man stole a truck from Bledsoe County. They were told that the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office tried to stop the vehicle heading west on I-24, but the driver got away.

About an hour later, a Dade County sheriff's deputy noticed someone trying to start a car in his neighborhood on Brow Road.

Investigators said the deputy went over to find out what the driver was doing, but he didn't acknowledge him. That's when the deputy told the driver to get out of the car. That person ran away toward Cagle Road.

They later discovered the vehicle was the stolen truck from Bledsoe County.

Investigators said they found the man behind a restaurant in Trenton and arrested him.

He told deputies he jumped off the bluff the night before to avoid being captured. He was not seriously hurt.

They identified the suspect as Aaron Marshall from Huntsville, Alabama. He's being held at the Dade County jail.

He's charged with bringing stolen property into the state and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

On Sunday, deputies made a second arrest for another vehicle theft. They said this happened in the early hours on Highway 301.