Many construction projects are underway to improve roads in the Tennessee Valley but many people say that work is causing damage to their cars.

In May, more than 100 drivers complained that one of those projects left their vehicles with cracked windshields and chipped paint.

Five months later, Rosemary Davis contacted Channel 3 to say she’s still waiting for the contractor to fix her car.

She says she was driving on Highway 27 in Chattanooga when her car was damaged.

“There were lots of cars that morning and it's almost a miracle that there wasn't a wreck because everyone was throwing on their brakes.  It was a massive dust cloud that came up with debris coming up on them,” Davis told Channel 3.

She says her car is riddled with dings and dents because of the construction.

“It cracked my windshield and put little chips all over it. If you take your hand across it you can feel little chips and it chipped the paint off my car,” said Davis. 

Davis says she filed a complaint with Wright Brothers Construction, the company doing the work, but tells Channel 3 she’s still waiting to hear back.

Across town, Abra Auto Body and Glass is seeing an uptick in windshield repairs and replacements because of road construction across the region. 

General Manager Keith Clingan tells customers to fix small chips now before it gets cold outside.

“Extreme weather will cause a chip in a windshield to crack. It's similar to having a tear in clothing or something like that. It becomes a weak spot and then what happens is it'll tear from there,” Clingan told Channel 3. 

Davis says she hopes to get her car repaired before the temperature drops.

Channel 3 contacted Wright Brothers Construction.  A company spokesperson says they have processed more than 100 claims from the Highway 27 project. They are now looking into why Rosemary Davis’ complaint wasn’t processed and say they plan to follow-up with her.

TDOT and Wright Brothers Construction say if your car is damaged while driving through road construction, you should report it immediately. They suggest pulling over in a safe area if possible and telling someone on the job site what happened.