UPDATE: The Grundy County School Board announced Tuesday an interim coach to finish the season. 

Nick Meeks will coach the Grundy County Yellow Jackets for the final two games of the season. All remaining assistant coaches will finish coaching until the end of the season. Meeks is the 7th and 8th grade football coach.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Grundy County School Board voted Monday night to allow the football team to finish its season after the team's game against Upperman was cancelled on Friday night, due to five players being charged with attempted aggravated rape.

The board voted 6-2 to allow members of the Yellow Jackets football team continue on with their season. Kasey Anderson and Chris Snyder voted no. 

At the beginning of the special called meeting Superintendent Jessie Kinsey read a statement address the criminal charges.

"The board and school administration have been slow to comment on these allegations due to pending investigation and based on advice from counsel. We are as shocked as anyone that this happened in our community," said Kinsey.  "We are better than this," she added. "Our children know better. Our families expect better. Our educators model better, and yet, apparently, something awful happened. We intend to review policies, practices and procedures to see whether we need to revise school operations in light of this event," she said. We intend to assess out schools' climate and culture to learn why students behave in such a deplorable way toward one of their own."

School board attorney Chuck Cagle said the head football coach Casey Tate, and assistant coach Greg Brewer, have been "transferred" from their positions. Cagle says Tate and Brewer both had information relating to the alleged incident in the fieldhouse. 

Cagle went on to explain that Friday night's football away game against Upperman High School was cancelled after they were considering another person on the coaching staff, who had never been a head coach and the fact Grundy's team is rather young compared to the team they were up against. Because of the cancelled game, Cagle says the school owes Upperman about $2,500, which is stated in a contract between the two schools. 

School board members stated they wanted to be in charge of appointing a new head coach if the season continued; however, Cagle said that is illegal and the opposite of what the state statute allows.

School board members Reuben Newsome, Anderson,Snyder say they warned Kinsey about the football coaching staff in the past and recommended she replace the staff, but Kinsey chose not to. Snyder says is conversation with Kinsey regarding the staff was recorded. 

"We all told you Ms. Kinsey. We warned you... I never expected it to go this far, but that something was going to happen. You ignored the whole board's recommendation," said Anderson. "We can't trust her."

Kinsey did not deny her decision to not replace the coaching staff saying she supported the school principal's recommendation. However according to Cagle, the board's recommendation came after the coaching staff had already been hired last year.

Right now, it's unclear who will coach the football team. 

Superintendent Kinsey is expected to appoint a new coach by Tuesday.

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