The Grundy County football team added a loss to their season record Friday night.

The team was forced to cancel their game against Upperman High School in Putnam County. This comes after five of the team's players were charged with attempted aggravated rape. 

The football team is already seven games into the season with two games left in the after tonight's canceled game. While there was no action on the field tonight, some hope that's not the case next week. 

"My little boy plays football. He's only six so he's obviously not in this. I wouldn't want him to be punished for something his teammates did," said Grundy County resident, Chrissy Nance. 

Nance says her six year old son plays football and baseball. She says her son was coached by Grundy High School's head football coach, Casey Tate. Tate was suspended after the attempted aggravated assault charges came to light.

"He was a good coach, he's good with the kids. He loves the kids. He develops personal relationships with the kids he coaches. He would have to tell me himself that he had something to do with that and he's not going to because I wouldn't believe it," said Nance. 

Nance says she understands the severity of what allegedly happened Wednesday morning in the high school's field house. 

"They need to make examples out of these five to prevent it from happening again. Whatever problems are going on with these kids; they may need counseling; whatever the issue is they need to get to the bottom of it." 

No one has decided if the football team will continue to play this year. 

Channel 3 asked Bernard Childress, Executive Director of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, what would happen if school officials ended the team's season early. 

Here's his statement: 

"It is not in the TSSAA Handbook. However, it is a longstanding TSSAA Board of Control Policy that if a school states they are going to compete in the football playoffs and/or regular season contests that leads to the playoffs and they fail to do so, the school is also removed from the post season in basketball. If Grundy County High School decides not to complete the football season, they will be removed from the postseason basketball tournament, as per Board policy. They would be allowed to appeal to the TSSAA Board of Control upon request by the administration. Many years ago, there were schools that said they planned to participate in the football playoff series, which begins at the start of regular season competition, but backed out after finding out what Region they were placed in during Classification. This was causing member schools to lose regular season games, especially home games which were major revenue producers for those schools. To help alleviate that problem, the Board tied postseason in the two sports together. As stated, it has been that way for well over 20 years. However, the Board has made exceptions upon appeal and allowed some schools to participate in the basketball series. It all depends on the situation." 

Nance says she doesn't want other teams and players not involved to suffer, but she says worries about her son's future. 

"Like I said mine is six. Do I take him out and homeschool him now to know what's going on around him or let him continue to go to our public schools? I don't know." 

The school board will have a meeting at Grundy County High School at 6 p.m. CDT to discuss the football program.