This week we have no failures to report. A lot of the inspectors were either training or on vacation.

We do have one restaurant that has some room to improve.

Mayo's Bar and Grill on Brainerd Road came in this week with a 79.

Remember that's considered a fair score, only requiring re-inspection within 90 days.  The inspector noted in their report that the owner-manager did not have adequate food safety knowledge. The Health Department is a stickler for that.

Overall, the kitchen was in bad repair and had old food build-up throughout it according to the inspector. This included the sink, walls and an old cutting board...

We want to congratulate the Subway on Highway 153 and Hixson Pike's Sourdough Cuppa Joe.

They are the only 2 restaurants that came in with perfect scores.

Remember if you have a complaint about a restaurant, pool, daycare or gym, call your local health department.

Enjoy your meal.