Zach Scott has started on the offensive line for the Heritage Generals for the past three years and was ready to help lead his team back to postseason play. That was, until a doctors visit four weeks ago changed the course of his junior season, as well as his future in football.

"In football there's a thing called a stinger" explains Zach. "It's when your arm goes numb from a nerve being pinched off. I just thought I was prone to those."

But it was something much more serious. Zach's doctor told him he has neuropraxia, or minor nerve damage to his spinal cord, which means there's a high risk of him being paralyzed from any hit.  

"I just figured it was a little football injury, and now he's saying this could be life changing and life threatening."

The talented junior had already received an offer from UTC, and was receiving looks from Virginia Tech and South Carolina. But Zach knew his football career was most likely over.

"It's something we don't want to mess with. I understand that as much as I love the game, it's just not worth it." 

Zach is now embracing his new role on the team, assisting the o-line coaches, while continuing to be a leader, and a source of inspiration.

"Maybe it's not my intention to play football, maybe it's God's plan. It's just, to me there is more to this football program than playing. There is so much more. Just being a part of it is a special thing."