Seven years after being acquitted of child molestation charges, a former North Georgia kindergarten teacher is opening a consulting firm to defend those who are falsely accused.

Tonya Craft became a well-known name in the Tennessee Valley area when her acquittal made national headlines. Now she's using that experience to guide others from a Downtown Chattanooga office.

Tonya Craft Consulting is nestled on the fourth floor of the Edney building on Market Street. Craft has consulted on a long list of cases across the country. The firm focuses on defending those falsely accused of child sex abuse.

This is a excerpt from her company website:

“Over two decades of teaching and working with children as a decorated teacher, her personal experience in successfully building a team while demanding to be actively involved in mounting her own defense, Tonya’s educational plight that resulted in graduating from law school, as well as her understanding and involvement in numerous cases both pre-trial and post-conviction give her unique credentials in consulting on child sex abuse cases.”

Craft was fired from her job at Chickamauga Elementary in 2008. She lost her home and custody of her children. Two years later a jury found craft not guilty on 22 child molestation charges.

She sued the families of her accusers and prosecutors, but later dropped the 25 million dollar suit in favor of forgiveness. Since then, she got her kids back, earned a law degree, interned for the Hamilton County District Attorney and now opening a consulting firm.

The firm specializes in strategies in defending and prosecuting allegations of child molestation, proper interview procedures and how to handle inappropriate investigators.

She tells Channel 3, she's not about manipulating the system. She’s about the truth being exposed.

Craft said she is headed to New York next week to take the next steps in a documentary series about her case.