It was the kind of assault you read about on other continents, in other cultures. This shocking crime is certainly not something you expect to happen in Chattanooga. "Any attack or shooting or anything we take very seriously," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller, "but, we have been working nonstop from sunup to sundown on this case."

For the first time, investigators are showing the best looks they have of the assailant, at what she was driving, and at her despicable act, as it took place.

Around 7:00 AM on Tuesday, September 26th, employees were gathering at the CARTA Operations Center on Wilcox Boulevard. Sgt. Miller describes the crime captured on surveillance video. "The suspect starts walking up the sidewalk and she starts talking with the victim," he said. "The victim starts walking towards her to find out what the suspect was needing and then the suspect throws the substance on her face and then she runs."

That substance has been sent away for testing, but it hit the victim and  four other employees nearby. All were taken to the hospital with injuries. The main victim is still being treated. "It does not appear to be a random act," added Miller. "It appears that the suspect knew who she was going to attack and throw the substance on. It does not appear to be random at all."

The victim, though, does not know the attacker. Do you? About an hour before the attack she was seen at a nearby convenience store, buying a coffee. She would pour that out and use the cup for her substance. "The suspect is described as a black female," Sgt. Miller explained. "She's approximately 5'4", about 150 pounds."

On September 26th, she was wearing what appear to be scrubs and perhaps a hairnet. We also have a look at what she was driving. "It appears to be about a 2011 BMW 5 series," Miller said. "It appears to be gray or dark gray in color."

If you know her, you have already recognized her. Or, maybe with all of these clues, you think you may have an idea. We need to hear from you. This awful crime cannot be tolerated. "If you know this suspect or if you know the reason why the suspect performed this act, this heinous act on this victim who's going to suffer for the rest of their life, please call Crime Stoppers," Sgt. Miller said. "Even if you have any little bit of information."

The number to Crime Stoppers is 698-3333. Up to $1,000 reward is on the table and we will never ask your name.