Is the world really ready to drink blue wine?

A group of five friends from Bilbao, Spain thinks so and is planning to conquer America with its distinctive drink.
Gik Live is made from red and white grapes sourced from several vineyards.
But nowhere on the label is it called wine. 
The blue, fruity liquid is banned from being called wine by Spain and the European Union because of its colour.
One of the creators of Gik Live says it's probably not to everyone's taste.

Taig McCarthy, co-creator Gik Live says, "It's not for wine connoisseurs, like people who know all these kind of rules of how to drink it. it's only for people who want the best wine and the best concept without all the trouble of having to learn all this kind of rules set."

The company says it has sold about 400,000 bottles already to clients in 25 countries.
Plans are underway to export it to the United States.

The company says the drink is 100 percent organic, made with natural ingredients in the same style as traditional wines.
No dyes are used to make the blue color.