Johnthony Walker is no longer in the state of Tennessee. Channel 3 is learning more details about his release from the Hamilton County Jail. 

It's been over 24 hours since he made his $50,000 bond and left the state, but that comes with certain restrictions.

A monitoring company will be able to track Johnthony Walker's every move. If he isn't compliant, an alert on his ankle monitor will go to the computer which then requires someone to alert the authorities.

Because of a court order, Johnthony Walker must wear a GPS monitoring system while out of jail. “They are 99.7 percent compliant each and every day. They are just not committing the crimes. They are doing what they are supposed to do,” said Scott Cranmore Vice President of Tennessee Recovery and Monitoring.

The restrictions to Walker's whereabouts are not being released for his own personal safety. Cellular technology will track his movement.  “How it communicates, you can take points from one minute to every day to three points every minute every day or 5 and 10. It depends on how you set it up. Pulls the individual's location.”

An alert will sound if Walker breaks any of his restrictions. Then, it will be up to either the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office or the bonding company to make an arrest.

Scott Cranmore said the majority of people who go through this program don't break any restrictions.

He doesn't believe Walker will either. “Hopefully allowing Mr. Walker to show the courts, his family, the judges, as well as the victims in this case that he wants to be compliant. He wants to do what is supposed to be done.”

Johnthony Walker faces 34 charges, including six counts of vehicular homicide, in last November's crash in Chattanooga. Police have said Walker was speeding when the crash occurred. Walker's defense attorney has said he swerved to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

Walker was driving 37 elementary students home when the bus left the curvy road, hit a utility pole, overturned and hit a tree, collapsing the roof.

Johnthony Walker's jury trial is scheduled for February 27.