People usually use the radio to tune out the world but Monday, people tuned in to learn the latest out of Las Vegas.  

At US-101, the morning team of Ken Hicks, Kelley Bradshaw and Daniel Wyatt relayed news updates in shock. 

The music, the artists involved, even the venue are all too familiar.   

Bradshaw was in Las Vegas last week. 

"Looking back and just being there a week ago, the first thing my Mom text me was sheer panic. And seeing that just a week ago, those people experiencing exactly what I experienced a week ago and having to go through that is just so traumatic," she said.

Twenty-two thousand people were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival to hear some of country music's top performers. 

Bradshaw describes the outdoor venue at Las Vegas Village:

"You have a beautiful view of Las Vegas and everything Las Vegas has to offer. It's a grassy and concrete area that you can just see all of Las Vegas around you and it's great for concerts. It's great to see concerts at," she said.

The terror that unfolded in Las Vegas is a kind of trauma and a kind of fear that is also familiar to Chattanooga. 

Although on a smaller scale, it's a feeling no one can prepare for. 

"Jake Owen said it so perfectly, when you're in those situations you never expect it to happen to you. And we've experienced that right here in Chattanooga. Hearing Chris Young said he was underneath his trailer taking cover. Those artists are just like us, people, just like us," Bradshaw added. 

The three-day music festival was finishing up when the shooting happened.