The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's help to identify a couple that rammed a pickup truck into the glass doors of a convenience store on September 25 at about 9:30pm.

The duo needed several attempts to get through the doors at the One Stop convenience store located at 1218 Lakeview Drive in Catoosa County. 

Surveillance video shared by the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office show's the truck bumping the doors, and the driver hops out to check the doors with the truck rolling backwards and out of the frame.

The second attempt proved to be more successful, and the driver went into the store and stole several lottery tickets.

A few hours later, at 4:50am, the same suspects rammed a green minivan into the front of the Sunset Market located at 141 Hwy 41 in Catoosa County. 

The man again entered that store and stole lottery tickets.

Anyone with information about the pictured individuals is asked to contact Detective Daniel Thacker with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at (706)935-2424.