It seems a sports bar in Northern Kentucky is fanning the flames of the national anthem controversy both figuratively and literally.

Top 10 Sports Bar in Wilder announced it will be holding a “local burning of any and all NFL merchandise" on Oct. 1.

A firestorm of opinions on protesting the national anthem began rising after the president tweeted he believed those who did should be punished.

That prompted teams in the NFL to put their beliefs on display in the games to follow.

Owner of Top 10 Sports Bar Dirk Mooibroek says sales have gone down at his “extremely patriotic bar” and he’s fed up.

He said he’s had enough of the “disrespect the NFL has shown our beloved American flag and our national anthem.”

"A lot of our customers who come here are very fed up with the NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell and his stance on kneeling," Mooibroek said.

Patrons plan to light up their NFL jerseys and other merchandise, and watch it go up in flames outside using a burn barrel in the parking lot.

"I saw it on Facebook, and I thought, at first I read it, and I thought it was a great idea. What the NFL players are doing are wrong," said Daivd Steinman of Alexandria.

The event is called Top 10 Patriotism Day and will have Eric Deters, Northern Kentucky’s Trump campaign chair, as a guest host.

Mooibroek says he's decided to keep the TV sets off, but only during the pregame.

"The Sunday game will be on, however it will not be on until after the national anthem. We have a professional singer coming down to do the national anthem here and we will be respecting our flags," Mooibroek said.

"Burn my hat. I don't care for the players that don't respect our veterans," Goetz said.

They are offering prizes and drink specials for “any patriotic American who brings an NFL item to burn in protest.”

These patrons hope the league and players are paying attention to their protests.

"We have our right. They have a right not to stand. We have a right to burn their clothing, with their name on it," said Goetz.

Politics and professional sports don't mix. This is not your time to do it when you're on our dime," Mooibroek said.

The bar owner said an open controlled burn is allowed per the local fire department.