Catoosa County government employees will soon be getting a prescription for free health care.

Dawn Pfeiffer, Clinical Operations Officer of One to One says, "We will be able to provide family practice care, urgent care, and wellness exams."

The new Catoosa County Employee Health Clinic is a place where government employees can come and receive free health care services.

Clinical Operations Director Dawn Pfeiffer explains more about what the clinic will offer.

Pfeiffer says, "We may need to be able to control our blood pressure, we may need maintenance on our diabetes, we may need health coaching related to cholesterol."

Employees will also be able to get some of their medications free for those conditions.

Catoosa County officials say with this new clinic, the goal is to take their employees from being reactive to being proactive when it comes to their health.

Pfeiffer says, "So it gives them fast easy service that's affordable and some place they are going to want to come."

Currently, Catoosa County has about 500 government employees and about 300 of them, along with family members, are on the county health care plan, costing the county more than $5,000,000 a year.

County Manager Jim Walker says it will cost about $300,000 a year to run the clinic. He hopes it will pay for itself in the first year with healthier employees and lower health care costs.

Walker says, "It's a combination of factors from pay to retirement plans to health care and this is one way for us to be able to up our game in Catoosa County."

Walker says he hopes by offering this incentive, it will encourage employees to pay more attention to their health, hopefully preventing life threatening conditions.

Firefighter Chris McCormack says he definitely plans to take advantage of the free health care and visit the new clinic.

McCormack says, "Sure, I am going to use it along with my family. I think it will be a great benefit for county employees, and also great cost savings for the county as well."

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