Band Director Tracey Frazier is in her second term at Brainerd High School and, wow, doe she have that program going in the right direction! At the post for twenty yeares in her first stint, she brings that experience and institutional knowledge back to her students and they look and sound sharp in the stands. They stay standing and at attention through the first half, ready to play at a moment's notice. Ms. Frazier has instilled in them they have to focus. They are on-the-job until they march off the field.

What an outstanding and varied group she has. The winds and percussion are made up of all ages and, since they are in a re-building phase, Ms. Fraizer has been taking students of all experience levels and even up through the first few games. There are teens who have played in the past, but had to drop out and some who have never played at all, all marching beside veterans who are happy to show them the ropes. And alumni are coming back to help instruct in music and marching.

Their halftime show includes a little bit for all ages... Fro those of us who enjoy some of the old school tunes, there is Candy by Cameo. That is followed by Drake's To the Max, then they move to their block formation for more current tunes to the sounds of This is How We Do It.

They play all home games for the Brainerd Panthers and travel to all of the away games, too. In addition, this group will head over to Tennessee State on October 14 for TSU's Homecoming, then down to Alabama for the Magic City Classic on October 28.  Ms. Fraizer says the program has been blessed to get all of the equipment they need for the season, but they would love some support for travel. If you would like to help, find her at the school, make a check out to the Brainerd High Band, or look for one of the students from whom you can buy a coupon for Krispy-Kreme doughnuts!

Our thanks to the students from Brainerd for being our Friday Night Football Band of the Week!