Tennessee finds itself near the top of an unfortunate list.

According to the Violence Policy Center's report, only three other states have a higher rate of women killed by men, and 93 percent of those murdered knew their killer.

Janice Quick almost became a statistic

She did not die, but she became quadriplegic at the age of 29. That was the year she left, and her ex-husband did not like it.

 “When I say 'beat' her, I am talking on the floor kicking her, hitting her,” said Joey Quick, Janice's son.

When Janice Quick finally had the courage to leave her husband after years of torment, she thought she was free. Soon after, she became a prisoner in her own body.

She became paralyzed after her ex-husband brought a gun to a Tullahoma church parking lot and shot Janice, her mother and then himself.

"There was glass, shots, screaming, running,” said Jason Quick.

The ex-husband died. Janice's mother survived, and spent the rest of her life caring for her quadriplegic daughter and her three grandchildren.

"She handled it much better than I ever could,” said Joey Quick,

Also at the church that night was Sheila Robertson, a family friend.

“All I remember, it's very fuzzy to me, is the chaos,” said Robertson.

Sheila begged Janice to let her write her story, one that both haunted and inspired her.

Four decades later, Janice finally agreed.

“She said, ‘Would you be interested in writing my story into a book?’ I said, ‘Yes Janice, I have been wanting to do this for 40 years,’” said Robertson.

The book, Valleys of the Shadow, tells how Janice tried several times to get help.

“Back then, even to intervene was not thought of,” said Joey Quick.

Janice lived another 42 years after the shooting. She passed away August of this year, one week after the book release.

“I don't think it's by accident that this book has come out; definitely not an accident or coincidence that she left this world,” said Jason Quick.

It was always difficult for her to tell her story, so her sons and dear friend are happy to tell it for her and hopefully make an impact.

“Maybe a book like that will help someone get out of a situation like that,” said Joey Quick.

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