You're looking at the first handheld medical device to assess traumatic brain injury. BrainScope, is being introduced through a pilot program at Physicians Care.

Dr. Bill Meadows says "What the BrainScope does is it's a simple screening device we do in the office, it is very sensitive in predicting a brain bleed."

And Dr. Meadows says it could also help in determining if the patient has a concussion which has become much more of a focus lately with football players and other athletes.

BrainScope, comes in two parts. The non invasive procedure includes a disposable electrode headset, and a military-grade smartphone with specialized software.

This technology allows clinicians to undertake a comprehensive assessment addressing the full spectrum of traumatic brain injury(TBI), from structural injuries visible on a CT scan, through mild TBI, also known as a concussion.

Dr. Bill Meadows says "A concussion usually occurs after a head injury and it can be short term memory loss shorty term dizziness off balance."

While BrainScope isn't specifically for diagnosing a concussion, doctors consider it a great tool to help determine if more testing is needed.

The device is designed to be used within three days of a mild head injury.

Dr. Bill Meadows says "If there is any questions or doubts at all you should be checked out."