For many, the result of the Bradley Central, Cleveland game will be used as bragging rights for years to come. But for one Bradley Bear, just being part of the game is worth bragging.

Bradley Central senior Taye Cobb was just fourteen years old when a deadly crash threw him into the jaws of life. 

"My uncle came and woke me up and took me with him to get something to eat" recalls Taye. "And I guess on the way, on Peerless Road he ended up having a seizure, and I was a asleep so I didn't no nothing about it."

Taye had to be cut from the car and airlifted to Erlanger. He was then transported to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where he was unconscious for nearly a week.

"I woke up in Atlanta and I didn't know what happened. It was the middle of the night, it was pitch dark. And I was looking at me and I had a cast on and a neck brace on. I didn't know what happened so I thought it was a dream honestly."

That's when Taye learned that his uncle, O'Neal Jr. Ware, died from his injuries.

Taye suffered a brain injury and a fractured neck, leaving him in a wheelchair for several months.

Now three years later, Taye is returning to what he loves. His time on the field is heavily restricted because another concussion could end his life.

But for right now, he wants to enjoy every moment he has left with his teammates, and share with others his new appreciation for life. 

"I hope I get to encourage other kids to go out and do great things like my life. I'm not supposed to be here, but I'm here. So I want to encourage them to do what you do, because life's not promised, and you never know when it can get taken away."